The Frank Moran Memorial Hall was the
9th Battalion, The Royal Queensland Regiment, Officers Mess
at Kelvin Grove from 1959 to 1975.
It is now being redeveloped by QUT and its ultimate role is still very much in doubt.
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Frank Moran Memorial Hall,
Kelvin Grove

The building was constructed with publicly donated funds as a memorial to Capt Frank Moran. It was eventually taken on charge by the Army and from 1959 to 1975 it served as the 9RQR Officers Mess.
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The Silver Cabinet

The Silver Cabinet inside the mess with the Federal Cup taking pride of place. The Mein Shield hangs above and the three crossed bayonets on top of the cabinet were, and still are, regularly used as table decoration at CO's Dinners
These are, fairly poor quality, photos of the interior of the Mess.
Soon after these photos were taken the entire back wall behind the Bar was replaced with an industrial cold room with hotel type glass cupboard doors with glasses and bottled drinks. On the right of the bar was a deep fryer and we enjoyed prawn cutlets late on a Tuesday evening.

When LtCol Bruce Peacock was CO we played incessant games of darts - often into the early hours of Wednesday mornings!

In 2013, after the Kelvin Grove Barracks were given over to the Queensland University of Technology [QUT] many of the old buildings were demolished and only a few have been saved in anything like their original state.
QUT Reunion Magazine July 2013 page 11

The small Frank Moran Memorial hall is to become an art gallery under the finalisation of heritage work on former Army buildings at Kelvin Grove campus. Captain Moran was an Army officer responsible for Cadets under a compulsory training scheme for boys; he organised a public subscription to put up the building as a drill hall, and was himself later killed at Gallipoli. Staff representatives on the QUT Council inquired about plans for the heritage buildings last month, and it’s been confirmed all will be kept, used mainly for visual arts teaching.

The Vice Chancellor, Peter Coaldrake, (also Chairman of Queensland Heritage) told staff at Kelvin Grove, 6.6.13, the “saw tooth” roof-line of the former Army workshops was being integrated into the new Creative Industries building. “It’s been taken away”, he said, “but it will come back!” The new building, with the heritage precinct around it, is set to be finished next year. New complex, see http://www.qut
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Immediately prior to the start of the QUT remodelling
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Construction October 2013

Moran Hall in a state of deconstruction as part of the QUT 'remodelling' of the area. Contrast this with the picture of the original condition at the top of the page.
October 2016

Moran Hall 're-furbishment' has been completed and the building is now used as a Arts centre - some photo's of the finished work coming soon.

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