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Our Jeep

Thanks to a generous donation our Enoggera Museum now has a fully restored, and working, World Way 2 Jeep complete with toolkit and manuals

More information on 'our' jeep will be added over the next week or so....please come back later...

An oustanding item

An Australian flag made from over 1000 names of soldiers who died at Gallipoli. We recently received a reproduction of this item for the Museum.

Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour

25 April 1915 to 20 December 2015 

Killed in Action  -  Died of Wounds

Great care was taken in the collection of the data and completion of this project to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information provided.  Please note that the following were unintentional errors that were noticed at the time of recording but determined, that if corrected, would leave impressions that would diminish the overall appearance of the piece. The following errors therefore remain: misspelt names (therefore not actual people) 

  • 2/5/1915 W John. 
  • 8/5/1915 H Fruth. J. Hutchinson. 
  • 9/5/1915 R. Kiernan. 
  • 21/6/1915 F. Dew.: 


  • o 17/5/1915 - the first 8 names and 
  • o 15/9/1915 – 4 names.

Any other errors .contained hereon were unintentional with absolutely no offence intended and hopefully no offence taken. The data for "Without Them" was sourced from the Australian War Memorial, Roll of Honour, on-line records accessed between the period October 2014 to March 2015.

For purposes of this particular project, those that died as a result of illness, accident, suicide or not specified are not listed.  Nor are those with their cemetery or place of memorial shown anywhere other than Gallipoli eg Malta, Egypt, Greece, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea or Australia.

The following summary indicates the approximate numbers of men involved - names listed compared to names on Roll of Honour: 

     month                     listed       Roll of Honour

  • April 1188 1266
  • May 1940  2182 
  • June 334  466 
  • July 241   398 
  • August 2752 3129
  • September 218 477 
  • October 127 320
  • November 262 435
  • December 89 174 

lt must be said that the missing (approximately) 1700 names not recorded here are lives that do matter and the inability to include them is regrettable. All these men had contributed to the fabric of Australia. They were neighbours, employees, students, friends, cousins, nephews, uncles, grandsons, sons, brothers, sweethearts, husbands, fathers - and so much more - before they left our shores.

They landed at Gallipoli for a myriad of reasons and they never came home. They continue to contribute to the fabric of Australia. Let their names and their sacrifice not be forgotten. 

Pozieres Dinner

A most successful activity held by the Battalion at the Tin Can Bay Field Firing Range -a wet night but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

The full booklet can be seen here.... 

Until December 2016

The Heroes Lecture series in conjunction with the First Ashore Display at Chermside has attracted over 300 visitors.

DVD's of the each lecture are available contact Pat O'Keeffe at

Next Meeting:  1730hrs  Wednesday 9 Nov 2016  at Victoria Barracks All Ranks Mess